• Image of Sibla x Zygos - The Path (RARE10)
  • Image of Sibla x Zygos - The Path (RARE10)
  • Image of Sibla x Zygos - The Path (RARE10)
  • Image of Sibla x Zygos - The Path (RARE10)

All copies ordered through the Rarefied Store come with a 300gsm A3 print

a1. Sibla x Zygos - The Path
b1. Sibla x Zygos - Haunted
b2. Sibla x Zygos - Sigil


Rarefied’s newest sonic assault finds label mates Sibla and Zygos in some chthonic dwelling performing occult rites for sub bass dominance. Three prime cuts of out-there dubstep for fans of moldy, decrepit basements, decaying houses in the middle of woods, and fog drenched nights.

“The Path” heaves underneath pneumatic infrabass pressure and a din of percussion that sounds like a warehouse falling apart. It lurches forward on broken ankles, scanning with cataract eyes, for its next victim.

The aptly named “Haunted” is built from the ground up on EVP recordings, static hiss, and disintegrating tape reels. A lone scream echoes towards infinity until the mid-way point where black stars crack the void.

The circle is complete with “Sigil”. Hewn together with horror flick soundtracks, whispered voices and a feral half-step foundation. It seems Zygos and Sibla’s golem has breathed life for the first time.

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